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We aim too raise enough funding through donations by businesses, to provide more holidays, activity days and day trips for the children and their families.
With your help children become more positive about their own capabilities, their self-worth and their future
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Introducing Frankie

Frankie was diagnosed with Brachycephaly at 5 months old. His head had been severely mis-shaped for a while before that. We were very concerned, but after waiting nearly 3 months for an appointment, we were told by NHS doctors that “his hair will grow over it when he’s older”! By this point though, we had already sought private healthcare advice. His head was extremely severe; he measured off the chart that they use. There was treatment available, but it came at a cost of £1950. That would cover a helmet for Frankie to wear, and all follow up appointment. We were set for doing some fundraising, but Trewan Sands stepped in and covered the cost. A huge weight was lifted from our minds. Treatment commenced in February when he was exactly 6 months old. Frankie wore the helmet 23 hours a day, with just a short break each morning and evening. He wore it for 22 weeks and we saw a massive improvement before he outgrew it. As parents, we cannot thank the team at Trewan Sands Children’s Trust enough, we will be eternally grateful.

Anthony & Natalie Cross xx